Frida Kahlo – The Immersive Biography

The Immersive Biography is a journey through the life story of Frida Kahlo, one of the world’s most iconic artists. Accompanied by a unique collection of photographs capturing known and unknown moments from the artist’s life, using the technique of video mapping, it creates a memorable experience for visitors by transporting them into Frida’s world.

The theme explored in the experience is the difficult life of Frida Kahlo, marked by prolonged illness and great passions. Frida Kahlo was able to turn her immobility into opportunities and her suffering into works of art full of energy.  The stories of her passion for art, Mexico and her tormented love for Diego Rivera, her life partner, are told through an introductory area, a 30-minute immersive experience and a virtual reality zone.

The exhibition is therefore a unique opportunity to understand the story of a great artist through the most innovative technologies. The last day of the Exhibition is February 15, 2023. Bin Jelmood House (Lower Gallery Room)