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Sidra Medicine and Msheireb Museums Launch Science Café Series

QF Entities to bring science to the community

26 February 2024, Doha, Qatar – Sidra Medicine and Msheireb Museums, members of Qatar Foundation, are launching their first Science Café series.

The Science Café concept is based on inviting the public, including students and families, to connect with science and for scientists and engineers to informally share their research during a conversational exchange in a friendly setting.

The Sidra Medicine led Science Cafe will focus on groundbreaking advancements that are reshaping the country’s healthcare delivery. Through engaging discussions led by expert speakers, attendees will discover how precision medicine can tailor treatment strategies for individual characteristics – from genetics to lifestyle.

Dr. Khalid Fakhro, Chief Research Officer at Sidra Medicine said: “Initiatives like the Science Cafe is our way to engage with the community and making science accessible to everyone as well as applicable to their day to day lives. Together, we can unlock the potential of precision medicine and its ability to transform lives and improve health for all.”

The Science Café series “Unveiling the Wonders of Precision Medicine” will be held bi-monthly at Msheireb Museums’ Bin Jelmood House.

Mr. Abdulla Al Naama, General Manager of Msheireb Museums said: “We are pleased to be hosting our first event with Sidra Medicine, aligning with our commitment to provide a platform for vital community discussions. Just as our museums showcase the local community’s rich history and evolving narrative, this event amplifies the importance of research in health—a topic deeply relevant to both Msheireb Museums and Msheireb Properties as we collectively strive to design a healthier, more informed, and interconnected society.”

The Science Café series is free to attend and is open to everyone in the community who wants to learn about the latest technologies and applications in healthcare and research. Attendees will also be able to gain valuable insights that can empower them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Dr. Sahar Da’as, Research Manager at Sidra Medicine, who is leading the Science Café initiative said: “We are really excited to start our own version of Science Café in Qatar and discussing science, research and health in bite sized pieces. We are grateful to our venue hosting partner, Msheireb Museums in helping us launch the series.  This year, will cover a range of topics and how precision medicine can help with diseases like diabetes, obesity, autism, pediatric cancers and address mental health to pregnancy and fertility challenges.”

Mr. Fahad Al-Turky, Msheireb Museums Exhibitions and Public Programmes Manager said: “The choice of Bin Jelmood House for the partnership with Sidra Medicine was quite deliberate as our “A Journey to the Heart of Life” exhibition has been promoting our guests’ understanding of growing capacity to improve health and wellbeing through personalized medicine since it opened in 2017.”