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Fare Cinema (Making Films) – The Italian Movie Industry “Movie set-design speaks Italian – A talk with Italian movie set-designers Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri” In partnership with Msheireb Museums

Set and stage designers who have dedicated their professional life to interior design and furniture, applying their expertise to the fields of cinema, theatre, television programmes and art exhibitions. Alida and Giovanni already worked in Qatar in 2011 for “Sea’s secrets”, a television and theatre production about the history of Qatar throughout music, dancing and showings.

In the presence of representatives of Qatari cultural institutions, diplomats, distinguished guests and members of the Italian community in Doha, Alida and Giovanni explained, though they showing of their works, how movie set-design is crucial for successful films and how this contributes significantly to distinguish the Italian film-making industry abroad.

Mr. Hafez Ali, Msheireb Museums Director said: “Italy is one of the famous countries recognized for its creative art, design and films. We are pleased today to host this event to promote the Italian film industry and to build bridges between cultures and communities. This cultural destination will always serve as a forum to raise awareness of high-quality experiences from across the world, and to enhance the image of Qatar as the land of civilisations that is open to all cultures and backgrounds”.

After the intervention of the two Italian movie set-designers, Dr. Cherif Amor, Chair and Professor of design at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCU) in Qatar, explained the importance of training young future movie set-designers on the impact of behavioral sciences and lighting on creating set design and told what VCU does in terms of programs, courses and activities for students in Qatar.  Professor Amor also introduced the activities planned in the framework of “Fare Cinema” at VCU. Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri held on September 24th a lecture on the vibrant relation between light and movie set-design to make quality films.