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Msheireb Museums Design Competition

The design will be used to manufacture the product which will then be sold in the Msheireb Museums gift shop, or any other location affiliated with or partnering with Msheireb Museums.

The products may also be used but not limited to becoming special gift items from Msheireb Museums to VIP local or international guests, dignitaries, and entities.

The winning designs will have the designer’s name mentioned on all the marketing materials produced for the product and any media announcements.

It will also be noted on all products displayed and sold at the gift shop, as well as any other location the product may be displayed.

No. Msheireb Museums will be manufacturing and producing the products.

Yes. The designer will retain the intellectual property of the design, but will grant Msheireb Museums commercial and reproduction rights.

No. Royalties will not be issued for the designer once the product is displayed in Msheireb Museums gift shop. The designer will receive a financial reward and will have the advantage of his/her name as designer of the product acknowledged on produced items.

If your design has been selected as one of the winning designs and you have signed an agreement with Msheireb Museums then you will not be able to use the design for other purposes.

Only designs that have been selected and the designer has accepted the competition reward, and signed an agreement for use of the design commercially by Msheireb Museums.

If your design has not been selected it will not be used for commercial purposes.

The objective of the competition is to allow the community to be part of the design process of Msheireb Museums gift products that can be sold at the Msheireb Museums gift shop.

Winning designs will be used for commercial purposes only when the designer accepts the contest prize and signs the agreement.

If your design has not been selected it will not be used commercially.

Submitted designs should not be used for any other purposes until the end of the competition process (end of January 2021), and only after you have been notified of your result.

If your design has not been selected, then you may use it for your own purposes after receiving your result which will be sent to you by email.

An email will be sent to you after the jury has selected three winners. You will be notified whether you have won or not by the end of the process which is by end of January 2021.

Only new designs can be submitted, therefore if you have already presented this work to other competitions then it will be disqualified. The submissions form will require you to confirm this point.

You can submit your design proposal electronically through the Registration page mentioned in the open call page.

Each applicant can submit a maximum of three designs.

The last date of submission is 30 November 2020 before midnight (12AM).

The registration form will ask for your personal information, contact details, and your design proposal (three designs max).

The design proposal will need to include the following details:

  • A full description (include information about idea concept, materials used, colors, measurements, packaging)
  • Images or drawings (include up to 10 illustrations whether using photographs, drawings or digital illustration to show what the design will look like from several angles)
  • You will need to confirm that you have reviewed and acknowledged the Terms and Conditions of this competition before being able to submit the designs.

This competition is open to the Qatar community and public, keeping in mind the following:

  • You are a resident of Qatar, holding a valid residency and QID. Proof of this will need to be attached in the online registration form.
  • Age 18 and above
  • It is not necessary to have a degree in design, as long as you can provide details about the idea and some kind of illustration whether using photographs or drawings.

You can participate as a team with a maximum of 3 members.

All members must hold a valid QID.